Chosing a Builder


We know only too well the difficulties ordinary people face when trying to find a builder. With potentially large costs involved it is essential that you find someone who can tick all the boxes.

By that we mean establishing trust, getting guarantees, working to quality standards, setting a fair price and doing a competent job. In principle, it shouldn’t be a lot to ask but it clearly is. That’s why Arcadia like to think that we can offer you just that – everything you need from a builder.

When looking for a builder, alwasys ask for references and estimates. With estimates make sure you get a full breakdown of material costs. A good builder will know roughly the cost of materials but with a bit more effort will research the costs more accurately. Materials cost what they cost and wishful thinking won’t make them cheaper.

Once you’ve assembled some likely candidates from reliable sources, ask at least three builders for a written quote. The more detailed you can be at this stage about what you want done, the more accurate the quote will be. This is obviously easier if you already have architect’s plans or drawings you submitted if you had to obtain planning permission. Be clear about what needs to be included as well as the job itself: materials, taking away rubbish and so on.

You should also ask for at least three references from each builder. You need to take the time to follow these up, and if possible, pay a visit to check the quality of the job. Ask plenty of questions about the builder’s work and how the project went, as you may find out details that’ll be much more useful than a general, ‘Yes, it all went fine.’

Garden Rooms


Ever thought you might do something with that run down old out-house in the garden. Bit of an eyesore perhaps but somewhere to store the rusty old wheelbarrow and plant pots that you know you will use someday? Well take a look at this old out-house in Richmond.

The old out houses.

The old out houses.

Put a little imagination together with a team of craftsmen and viola! A Garden Room extension to the house.

The finished conversion complete with new paving.

The finished conversion complete with new paving.

You can see this and more examples on the Gallery Page


Here’s what the property owner, Anne had to say about it:

I found Arcadia Builders through a personal recommendation. From initial meetings through to completion of my project I found it a pleasure to work with such a professional and knowledgeable team. The quality of the build was exceptional with impeccable attention to detail. Garry and the team kept me informed about any potential problems and let me know early about any required changes. Throughout the project the dialogue was open, honest and responsive. I would highly recommend Arcadia Builders.<BR/>Anne, Brompton-on-Swale


GRP Flat Roofs


A Fibreglass Roof Can Top Off Your Home

Fibreglass roofing can be applied to new buildings or old buildings, so it doesn’t matter how old your house is. These roofs provide a safe, functional and fashionable roofing solution that you can rely on.

Example of finished GRP roof.

Example of finished GRP roof.

Are Fibreglass Roofs Superior To Felt Roofs?

If you are looking for value for money, fibreglass roofs are greatly superior to felt roofs. They are far more durable and will last for a lot longer. There is style and functionality with a fibreglass and as an added bonus; you are able to walk on a fibber glass roof safely. Studies indicate that a fibreglass roof is likely to last around 3 times longer than a standard roof, bringing value for money and also being better for the environment.

What Are The Immediate Benefits Of A Fibreglass Roof?

Construction of GRP Roofing

Construction of GRP Roofing

If you are looking for immediate benefits as to why you should choose a fibre glass roof, here are some great reasons:

  • ·         A fibreglass roof will contain no welds, no seams and no joints.
  • ·         A fibreglass roof provides a cost effective solution to your roofing issue.
  • ·         The fibre glass roof can be installed and completed in 1 day.
  • ·         There is no need for maintenance.
  • ·         The roof can be walked upon.
  • ·         We provide an extensive range of colours for your roof.
  • ·         We have an extensive level of knowledge and experience working in this area.
  • ·         Our roofs are 100% waterproof, UV resistant and have a lifetime expectancy you can rely on.

What Is A Fibreglass Roof?

Given that there are many benefits to having a fibreglass roof; many people are now starting to take an interest in having one fitted. This makes sense as a fibreglass roof, or a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) roof is a great and reliable choice. The roof is a mixture of polyester resin and strands of chopped glass. And we will cut the glass fibre roll to suit your needs exactly. There is no need to worry about being forced to have an off-the-peg solution; all of our roofs are completed exactly to your needs and specifications.

We Can Provided Added Support For Flat Roofs!

One of the most important things to remember about flat roofs is that they weren’t really made to last for a long time and you could argue that they definitely weren’t designed to withstand the versatility of the British weather! However, we aim to provide a range of flat roof solutions that will remove the doubt and concern of your roofing worries and can be guaranteed for a lifetime!

Again, GRP is the backbone of out flat roof surface and this means that you have a roofing surface that will not leak or rip. There will also be no seams or joints, reducing the areas where water traditionally seeps through in flat roofs. With little need for maintenance and the chance to pick a colour scheme that compliments the rest of your home, you can have a brilliant and practical finish when you choose a fibreglass roof.

If you require insulation for your flat roof, this is something that we can provide as well. This will help to reduce the heat of heat that is lost, it can help you to lower your fuel bills and if you are concerned about being energy efficient, this roofing solution will boost that as well.

If you have a flat roof, get in touch with us and we’ll show you how you can benefit from our great fibreglass roofs.

If you are looking for the best flat roof solution, we don’t think you need to go anywhere else. Our entire range of flat roof systems are fully approved (BBA approved) and will come with a guarantee that will give you many years of comfortable living ahead. There are many great benefits that come with using GRP and the fact that it provides as much reliability and functionality as it does style makes sure that everyone can be happy about choosing this option for their roof.

Whether you are looking for flat roof repairs or an overhaul of the roofing system you have in place, we will be delighted to chat with you and give you the benefits of our knowledge and experience. When it comes to a North Yorkshire roofing solution you can rely on, we have everything you could ever need and more. When it comes to seeing the clear solution, fibre glass roofs and GRP provide you with everything you could need to have a happy home for years to come.




Whatever your roofing needs we have time-served, skilled roofers. We can advise and deliver on all your roofing and guttering requirements. Rest assured, you will get a first class job and we guarantee our work too.

Unfortunately, there are too many amateurs with ladders who claim they can fix your roofing problems for you. Too many people have had to put up with shabby workmanship,  patchy work, poor quality and inappropriate materials and crucially, a bad diagnosis of the real underlying problems.

What you need, is experienced and skilled builders and roofers who have seen it all. Arcadia Builders can help you with simple repairs, complete roof replacements and everything in between. We are not the cheapest, there are plenty cheaper, but that’s because we use the right materials and do the job properly. We don’t usually have to come back again after but if we do, it’s all part of the service.

Arcadia Builders have some excellent roofers on board and you can rest assured we know what we are doing and you will get a fair price as well as guaranteed work.

You can see this and more examples on the Gallery Page


Here are some pictures from one of our larger projects. But don’t let that put you off! we do small jobs too.

Large Roof 2

Large Roof 6


Large Roof 5


New House Builds


Buiding your own home can be exciting, uplifting and a dream come true. It can also be fraught with anxiety and stress. Finding the right builder will make that difference. Here at Arcadia we have the experience to make every step of the way as stress free as possible. You may already have plans for the house or you may have no idea but either way we can talk you through the details and even provide the assistance of an excellent local architect who has worked with us on other projects. We will adivse you on materials, building regulations, green technologies and provide a full breakdown of costs.


Building your new house should not (and cannot) be a passive exercise. There are a hundred decisions you will need to make along the way and we understand that can be a daunting experience. What may be simple to any builder may not be to anyone else (as with any trade or skill) but we understand that and prefer to work closely with you to help make those decisions. That’s why we keep you informed along the way, whether that be cost and choice of materials or design and finish we like to be able to walk away leaving you with exactly what you wanted- and make your dream a reality.

Choosing a Builder

By all means get several estimates, we wouldn’t expect anything less but don’t just look at the cost. Your home needs to be built to comply with all applicable codes and regulations;  you need to have a builder that can guarantee their work and are covered by insurance; you need references which allow you to visit and you need a full break-down of costs. Arcadia Builders can give you all of that.

Project Management

Even if you are self-building or partially self-building we can provide a project management service for you and take away all the stress. Just ask and we can discuss that as an option. Customers, builders, architects and designers all need to work in close harmony to achieve a happy result so choose well and it can be an enjoyable and exciting time.


Here are some snapshots of a new house we built in Northallerton


New Build Northallerton by Arcadia Builders

New Build Northallerton by Arcadia Builders

New Build Northallerton by Arcadia Builders

New Build Northallerton by Arcadia Builders


You can see this and more examples on the Gallery Page


Renovation and Restoration


Arcadia Builders specialise in the renovation, conversion and restoration of period and listed buildings. If you need restoration work on a listed or period building in North Yorkshire we can help.

You may want a fitting extension to a period property or a requirement for a listed building or property in a conservation area. Or you may need a full barn conversion. In any case we can help not only with building a quality conversion or extension but also with ideas, design, planning permission, building regulations and sourcing the right materials. Even relatively small jobs need attention to detail. We even have a close working relationship with excellent local architects who can assist with plans and design.

Here are some screen shots of finished projects large and small:


You can see more examples on the Gallery Page

The finished conversion complete with new paving.

The finished garden rooms complete with new paving and rendering.

Barn Conversion Northallerton

External View 2

External View of the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes

External View of the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes



Kitchens and Bathrooms


A Beautiful Kitchen built in Darlington by Arcadia Builders LtdThe kitchen and the bathroom: The two rooms that provide the heartbeat of any home. While living rooms and bedrooms are about comfort and leisure, these two rooms are the soul of the house. Functional yes but can be both beautiful and inspiring. It’s little wonder that a superb kitchen or a beautiful bathroom can provide not just a delightful home but add significant value to the property if you are planning to sell. Some reports estimate that every pound spent on a kitchen refurbishment can return as much as 70% on that investment. It’s time to make your kitchen work for you.

Energy Efficiency: Making green choices during your kitchen renovation can help you reduce your impact on global warming or simply reduce your bills. As an added bonus, greening your home can improve your resale value. If you are replacing appliances, choose products that have earned the ENERGY STAR to save water and electricity. Upgrade your lighting by choosing energy-efficient lighting fixtures and using compact fluorescent light bulbs. You can even get a boost by choosing insulating material for your floors. Replacing your boiler with a new energy efficient one, especially with the latest government incentives, will easily save you money in the long run and you will recoup that cost many times on selling your home.

Beautiful Bathroom in Barn ConversionEnhance your bathroom, make it bigger, perhaps even convert that spare room and you will turn an ordinary functional room into a place for relaxation. You can turn it into a retreat that you can enjoy each day. Talk to us and we can give you some ideas you never thought of.

Don’t let another year go by. If you resolve to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, Arcadia Builders can assist you every step of the way with advice on what’s available and the expected costs. Don’t just go out and buy a kitchen or bathroom. Rather, go out and find one that you like, then ask us. It’s very likely we can source that kitchen or bathroom much cheaper- then we can fit it for you. Our craftsmanship and reliability are superior to the fitters supplied by the high street stores and we beat them on price too.  Plus, if there are any modifications to do, wouldn’t you rather have experienced builders to take care of that?


Have a look at some more pictures in the Gallery of Arcadia Builders finished Kitchens here and Bathrooms here

Extensions and Conservatories


Now is a great time to think about enhancing your home with and extension or a conversion. With the housing market being so poor many folks are choosing to enhance their own home rather than looking to move.

Adding and extra bedroom or garage, building a patio or conservatory, will not only improve your own living experience but potentially add value to your house and make it easier to sell when you do decide to move.

Extensions and Conservatories are the bread and butter of any builder and we are no exception. Let us know what your requirements are and in return we can tell of the possibilities and even give you some new ideas. Increase the value of your home while at the same time improve your home life quality with a new extension or conversion.


Garage/Bedroom Extension. Now you may find this hard to believe but this is indeed and extension.

New garage and bedroom extension. Every effort made to match the house.

New garage and bedroom extension. Every effort made to match the house.

We did our best to make it look like an original part of the house; and we think we did a good job.


You can see this and more examples on the Gallery Page

Why Arcadia?


We know only too well the difficulties ordinary people face when trying to find a builder. With potentially large costs involved it is essential that you find someone who can tick all the boxes. By that we mean establishing trust, getting guarantees, working to quality standards, setting a fair price and doing a competent job. In principle, it shouldn’t be a lot to ask but it clearly is. That’s why Arcadia like to think that we can offer you just that – everything you need from a builder.

Estimates and Costings.  There are competent builders who charge too much as well as incompetent ones who charge even more. That’s why we takes great pains to provide a break-down on any estimate we give, showing the true cost of materials and labour. If you get a quotation that is way above or way below our costs then beware – be very careful because it probably will not be a true estimate but more likely a made up figure to get your custom or else a figure which they think they can get away with. We want to give you the quality you need at the right price so that you can ask us back again. It’s good business and it’s how we work.

Guarantees and Insurance. We are covered by insurance so that you can rest easy about any potential disasters. Not that we intend to have any but it’s best to be safe, and we have that covered. As far as references are concerned we can provide that with some of our delighted customers who are happy to act as references on our behalf. To begin with, you can browse this website and take a look at our work. You can see that we do indeed produce quality work. All the pictures on this website show the work that Arcadia Builders has done around North Yorkshire.

Quality and Assurance. We have a team of time-served craftsmen that are up to date with the latest materials and requirements as well as the old skills which don’t change from stone masonry to carpentry. We have extensive experience of period renovation in this area and we have good contacts to find the right materials. We can also discuss your requirements and give you some options you may not have even thought about and at the same time we can agree a suitable solution which fits within your budget.

Large and Small Projects. Though we do take on barn conversions, new builds and period rennovations, we are still happy to take on routine work like extensions, roof repairs, bathroom and kitchen updates. Just ask.

Looking for a builder in North Yorkshire?


If you are looking for quality work with a personal touch here in North Yorkshire or nearby, then feel free to talk to us without any obligation.

Predominantly we work in the area from Richmond to Harrogate and across from Helmseley to the North Yorkshire Dales. We have time-served stonemasons and other craftsmen and are used to working on period property in this areas.

Our portfolio includes working on Barn conversions, Churches, Museums, Listed buildings of all types as well as your routine domestic requirements from refurbishing a kitchen to adding an extension. Because we are not only from the area and work in the area we have local knowledge of building materials, suppliers, local regulations and planning and have our own partners and contacts built up over 30 years of experience.

So as you can see, we are not only specialist restorers but also quite familiar with the routine domestic building requirements. We are happy to provide a realistic costing of any job – and if we are too busy we can tell you that too. In fact with our connections we can probably find you someone that we trust, which means that you can trust them too.

Have a browse around, but remember, these are only the jobs we actually took pictures of !

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