Extensions and Conservatories


Now is a great time to think about enhancing your home with and extension or a conversion. With the housing market being so poor many folks are choosing to enhance their own home rather than looking to move.

Adding and extra bedroom or garage, building a patio or conservatory, will not only improve your own living experience but potentially add value to your house and make it easier to sell when you do decide to move.

Extensions and Conservatories are the bread and butter of any builder and we are no exception. Let us know what your requirements are and in return we can tell of the possibilities and even give you some new ideas. Increase the value of your home while at the same time improve your home life quality with a new extension or conversion.


Garage/Bedroom Extension. Now you may find this hard to believe but this is indeed and extension.

New garage and bedroom extension. Every effort made to match the house.

New garage and bedroom extension. Every effort made to match the house.

We did our best to make it look like an original part of the house; and we think we did a good job.


You can see this and more examples on the Gallery Page

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