GRP Flat Roofs


A Fibreglass Roof Can Top Off Your Home

Fibreglass roofing can be applied to new buildings or old buildings, so it doesn’t matter how old your house is. These roofs provide a safe, functional and fashionable roofing solution that you can rely on.

Example of finished GRP roof.

Example of finished GRP roof.

Are Fibreglass Roofs Superior To Felt Roofs?

If you are looking for value for money, fibreglass roofs are greatly superior to felt roofs. They are far more durable and will last for a lot longer. There is style and functionality with a fibreglass and as an added bonus; you are able to walk on a fibber glass roof safely. Studies indicate that a fibreglass roof is likely to last around 3 times longer than a standard roof, bringing value for money and also being better for the environment.

What Are The Immediate Benefits Of A Fibreglass Roof?

Construction of GRP Roofing

Construction of GRP Roofing

If you are looking for immediate benefits as to why you should choose a fibre glass roof, here are some great reasons:

  • ·         A fibreglass roof will contain no welds, no seams and no joints.
  • ·         A fibreglass roof provides a cost effective solution to your roofing issue.
  • ·         The fibre glass roof can be installed and completed in 1 day.
  • ·         There is no need for maintenance.
  • ·         The roof can be walked upon.
  • ·         We provide an extensive range of colours for your roof.
  • ·         We have an extensive level of knowledge and experience working in this area.
  • ·         Our roofs are 100% waterproof, UV resistant and have a lifetime expectancy you can rely on.

What Is A Fibreglass Roof?

Given that there are many benefits to having a fibreglass roof; many people are now starting to take an interest in having one fitted. This makes sense as a fibreglass roof, or a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) roof is a great and reliable choice. The roof is a mixture of polyester resin and strands of chopped glass. And we will cut the glass fibre roll to suit your needs exactly. There is no need to worry about being forced to have an off-the-peg solution; all of our roofs are completed exactly to your needs and specifications.

We Can Provided Added Support For Flat Roofs!

One of the most important things to remember about flat roofs is that they weren’t really made to last for a long time and you could argue that they definitely weren’t designed to withstand the versatility of the British weather! However, we aim to provide a range of flat roof solutions that will remove the doubt and concern of your roofing worries and can be guaranteed for a lifetime!

Again, GRP is the backbone of out flat roof surface and this means that you have a roofing surface that will not leak or rip. There will also be no seams or joints, reducing the areas where water traditionally seeps through in flat roofs. With little need for maintenance and the chance to pick a colour scheme that compliments the rest of your home, you can have a brilliant and practical finish when you choose a fibreglass roof.

If you require insulation for your flat roof, this is something that we can provide as well. This will help to reduce the heat of heat that is lost, it can help you to lower your fuel bills and if you are concerned about being energy efficient, this roofing solution will boost that as well.

If you have a flat roof, get in touch with us and we’ll show you how you can benefit from our great fibreglass roofs.

If you are looking for the best flat roof solution, we don’t think you need to go anywhere else. Our entire range of flat roof systems are fully approved (BBA approved) and will come with a guarantee that will give you many years of comfortable living ahead. There are many great benefits that come with using GRP and the fact that it provides as much reliability and functionality as it does style makes sure that everyone can be happy about choosing this option for their roof.

Whether you are looking for flat roof repairs or an overhaul of the roofing system you have in place, we will be delighted to chat with you and give you the benefits of our knowledge and experience. When it comes to a North Yorkshire roofing solution you can rely on, we have everything you could ever need and more. When it comes to seeing the clear solution, fibre glass roofs and GRP provide you with everything you could need to have a happy home for years to come.


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