Kitchens and Bathrooms


A Beautiful Kitchen built in Darlington by Arcadia Builders LtdThe kitchen and the bathroom: The two rooms that provide the heartbeat of any home. While living rooms and bedrooms are about comfort and leisure, these two rooms are the soul of the house. Functional yes but can be both beautiful and inspiring. It’s little wonder that a superb kitchen or a beautiful bathroom can provide not just a delightful home but add significant value to the property if you are planning to sell. Some reports estimate that every pound spent on a kitchen refurbishment can return as much as 70% on that investment. It’s time to make your kitchen work for you.

Energy Efficiency: Making green choices during your kitchen renovation can help you reduce your impact on global warming or simply reduce your bills. As an added bonus, greening your home can improve your resale value. If you are replacing appliances, choose products that have earned the ENERGY STAR to save water and electricity. Upgrade your lighting by choosing energy-efficient lighting fixtures and using compact fluorescent light bulbs. You can even get a boost by choosing insulating material for your floors. Replacing your boiler with a new energy efficient one, especially with the latest government incentives, will easily save you money in the long run and you will recoup that cost many times on selling your home.

Beautiful Bathroom in Barn ConversionEnhance your bathroom, make it bigger, perhaps even convert that spare room and you will turn an ordinary functional room into a place for relaxation. You can turn it into a retreat that you can enjoy each day. Talk to us and we can give you some ideas you never thought of.

Don’t let another year go by. If you resolve to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, Arcadia Builders can assist you every step of the way with advice on what’s available and the expected costs. Don’t just go out and buy a kitchen or bathroom. Rather, go out and find one that you like, then ask us. It’s very likely we can source that kitchen or bathroom much cheaper- then we can fit it for you. Our craftsmanship and reliability are superior to the fitters supplied by the high street stores and we beat them on price too.  Plus, if there are any modifications to do, wouldn’t you rather have experienced builders to take care of that?


Have a look at some more pictures in the Gallery of Arcadia Builders finished Kitchens here and Bathrooms here

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