New House Builds


Buiding your own home can be exciting, uplifting and a dream come true. It can also be fraught with anxiety and stress. Finding the right builder will make that difference. Here at Arcadia we have the experience to make every step of the way as stress free as possible. You may already have plans for the house or you may have no idea but either way we can talk you through the details and even provide the assistance of an excellent local architect who has worked with us on other projects. We will adivse you on materials, building regulations, green technologies and provide a full breakdown of costs.


Building your new house should not (and cannot) be a passive exercise. There are a hundred decisions you will need to make along the way and we understand that can be a daunting experience. What may be simple to any builder may not be to anyone else (as with any trade or skill) but we understand that and prefer to work closely with you to help make those decisions. That’s why we keep you informed along the way, whether that be cost and choice of materials or design and finish we like to be able to walk away leaving you with exactly what you wanted- and make your dream a reality.

Choosing a Builder

By all means get several estimates, we wouldn’t expect anything less but don’t just look at the cost. Your home needs to be built to comply with all applicable codes and regulations;  you need to have a builder that can guarantee their work and are covered by insurance; you need references which allow you to visit and you need a full break-down of costs. Arcadia Builders can give you all of that.

Project Management

Even if you are self-building or partially self-building we can provide a project management service for you and take away all the stress. Just ask and we can discuss that as an option. Customers, builders, architects and designers all need to work in close harmony to achieve a happy result so choose well and it can be an enjoyable and exciting time.


Here are some snapshots of a new house we built in Northallerton


New Build Northallerton by Arcadia Builders

New Build Northallerton by Arcadia Builders

New Build Northallerton by Arcadia Builders

New Build Northallerton by Arcadia Builders


You can see this and more examples on the Gallery Page


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