Chosing a Builder


We know only too well the difficulties ordinary people face when trying to find a builder. With potentially large costs involved it is essential that you find someone who can tick all the boxes.

By that we mean establishing trust, getting guarantees, working to quality standards, setting a fair price and doing a competent job. In principle, it shouldn’t be a lot to ask but it clearly is. That’s why Arcadia like to think that we can offer you just that – everything you need from a builder.

When looking for a builder, alwasys ask for references and estimates. With estimates make sure you get a full breakdown of material costs. A good builder will know roughly the cost of materials but with a bit more effort will research the costs more accurately. Materials cost what they cost and wishful thinking won’t make them cheaper.

Once you’ve assembled some likely candidates from reliable sources, ask at least three builders for a written quote. The more detailed you can be at this stage about what you want done, the more accurate the quote will be. This is obviously easier if you already have architect’s plans or drawings you submitted if you had to obtain planning permission. Be clear about what needs to be included as well as the job itself: materials, taking away rubbish and so on.

You should also ask for at least three references from each builder. You need to take the time to follow these up, and if possible, pay a visit to check the quality of the job. Ask plenty of questions about the builder’s work and how the project went, as you may find out details that’ll be much more useful than a general, ‘Yes, it all went fine.’

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