Looking for a builder in North Yorkshire?


If you are looking for quality work with a personal touch here in North Yorkshire or nearby, then feel free to talk to us without any obligation.

Predominantly we work in the area from Richmond to Harrogate and across from Helmseley to the North Yorkshire Dales. We have time-served stonemasons and other craftsmen and are used to working on period property in this areas.

Our portfolio includes working on Barn conversions, Churches, Museums, Listed buildings of all types as well as your routine domestic requirements from refurbishing a kitchen to adding an extension. Because we are not only from the area and work in the area we have local knowledge of building materials, suppliers, local regulations and planning and have our own partners and contacts built up over 30 years of experience.

So as you can see, we are not only specialist restorers but also quite familiar with the routine domestic building requirements. We are happy to provide a realistic costing of any job – and if we are too busy we can tell you that too. In fact with our connections we can probably find you someone that we trust, which means that you can trust them too.

Have a browse around, but remember, these are only the jobs we actually took pictures of !

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