Why Arcadia?


We know only too well the difficulties ordinary people face when trying to find a builder. With potentially large costs involved it is essential that you find someone who can tick all the boxes. By that we mean establishing trust, getting guarantees, working to quality standards, setting a fair price and doing a competent job. In principle, it shouldn’t be a lot to ask but it clearly is. That’s why Arcadia like to think that we can offer you just that – everything you need from a builder.

Estimates and Costings.  There are competent builders who charge too much as well as incompetent ones who charge even more. That’s why we takes great pains to provide a break-down on any estimate we give, showing the true cost of materials and labour. If you get a quotation that is way above or way below our costs then beware – be very careful because it probably will not be a true estimate but more likely a made up figure to get your custom or else a figure which they think they can get away with. We want to give you the quality you need at the right price so that you can ask us back again. It’s good business and it’s how we work.

Guarantees and Insurance. We are covered by insurance so that you can rest easy about any potential disasters. Not that we intend to have any but it’s best to be safe, and we have that covered. As far as references are concerned we can provide that with some of our delighted customers who are happy to act as references on our behalf. To begin with, you can browse this website and take a look at our work. You can see that we do indeed produce quality work. All the pictures on this website show the work that Arcadia Builders has done around North Yorkshire.

Quality and Assurance. We have a team of time-served craftsmen that are up to date with the latest materials and requirements as well as the old skills which don’t change from stone masonry to carpentry. We have extensive experience of period renovation in this area and we have good contacts to find the right materials. We can also discuss your requirements and give you some options you may not have even thought about and at the same time we can agree a suitable solution which fits within your budget.

Large and Small Projects. Though we do take on barn conversions, new builds and period rennovations, we are still happy to take on routine work like extensions, roof repairs, bathroom and kitchen updates. Just ask.

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